Parent Letter

Parent Letter

Dear Parents and Carers,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the new academic year at Trevelyan Middle School.

Within this pack you will receive information regarding our assessment system and how pupils make progress at Trevelyan. 

Due to Government changes to assessment in 2014, the use of ‘levels’ are no longer provided by Schools. Your child is now measured across five grades – Below, Developing, Secure, Mastering, and Enriching. These grades have been developed through looking at the New Curriculum expectations, as well as discussions with colleagues from the other three Middle Schools and Upper Schools.

We aim to support all pupils to meet the ‘secure’ standard by the end of each year.

The Government changes were made so that parents can receive more detailed information about their child’s learning. We will therefore be providing you with specific subject information throughout the year relating to the progress your child is making at Trevelyan.

To devise this information, each teacher uses your child’s class work and assessments to record their achievement against each Key Performance Indicator (KPI). KPI’s are simply a list of key learning goals your child needs to achieve to meet ‘secure’ for their age. The National Curriculum outlines these expectations as being the minimum requirements your child should meet each year. KPI’s do not reflect everything that is taught in the year; they reflect the key learning goals that must be achieved to ensure your child is meeting age related expectations.

To give you an idea of what is expected in each year we have provided you with a complete list of KPI’s for your child (also found on the School website). Any extra support you can provide in helping your child to achieve these expectations is greatly valued.

A Parent’s guide to ‘Assessment at Trevelyan’ is also included and we hope that you will find this useful in answering any questions that you may have.

High expectations and the belief that all children can achieve and succeed is our ethos at Trevelyan.

We hope to work in partnership with you to help your child achieve their potential.

Yours sincerely

Miss K. Lane  - Assistant Headteacher