Price List: Breakfast Club, Break Snacks & Lunches

Breakfast club is available from 8am everyday before school. There is no need to sign-up just turn up as and when. All meals are supplied by the Pioneer Trust Caterers.



Cereal, Fruit, Toast, Muffins, Crumpets and Bagels served Monday to Thursday.

Bake up (2 Fridays a month)

Pancakes (2 Fridays a month)

Cereals 43p

Bacon 43p

Sausage 43p

Eggs 43p

Beans 43p

Toast 27p

Pancakes £1.05

Muffins/Crumpets, Bagels £1.00



Main meal (Meat/Halal or Vegetarian) £2.16

Jacket Potato with filling £2.16

Pasta in tomato sauce £2.16

Dessert 77p

Baguettes £2.16

Sandwiches £2.00

Rolls £1.75


Drinks for sale at Break and lunch times

Cartons of juice 50p

Water 60p

Viva milk 50p

Viva milkshake. 75p

Waves 62p

Radnor 85p


Snacks for sale at Break and lunch times

Popcorn 85p

Chickpea snack 95p

Nachos 90p

Ice lolly £1.05

Fruit pots 60p

Fruit 50p