English Year 7

When moving into Year 7, children are given the opportunity to develop their skills through creative activities and experience a broad range of challenging texts. Children are encouraged to analyse text and begin to structure their understanding in writing. Poetry is examined through a wide variety of forms and understanding is developed through crafting their own work in response to text. Non-fiction genres are reviewed and developed through collaborative projects and learning starts to become more independent through opportunities for choice. A class novel is enjoyed by all children and used as a stimulus for a range of writing and comprehension skills development. In Year 7 children study the writing of Shakespeare looking at language, performance and the context of our greatest playwright. Short story writing is also developed and a selection of Roald Dahl short stories is used in mixed media to stimulate writing and discussion.

English Year 8

Throughout Year 8 knowledge and skills continue to be developed with independence and challenge continuing to be of great importance. As well as developing understanding of poetry and experiencing a range of poetry styles, children have an opportunity to look at the function and structure of play scripts, media texts and explore aspects of literary heritage. Both reading and writing are taught in parallel throughout KS3 with speaking and listening also an integral part of the development of literacy skills.