Information for Parents

Communication with the School

If you wish to make contact with the school about any other issue, your first point of call should always be your child’s form tutor. The tutor deals with your child on a day-to-day basis, is responsible for marking attendance, welfare issues and has a general oversight of your child’s progress.

You can communicate with the tutor using the Pupil Planner to write a message, write a letter, email ( or telephone the school office requesting an appointment or a phone call.

Issues relating to a specific subject should be addressed to the subject teacher.  If you write a message in the planner, please make sure your child brings the message to the attention of the appropriate teacher.

If you have a major concern that you feel is inappropriate for the form tutor, please contact Mr York our Safeguarding Lead using the same methods described above. 

During the school day all visitors must enter via the Wood Close access. Office staff will contact the teacher with whom you have made an appointment.


Wherever possible we would ask that dental and medical appointments be made outside of the school day to prevent disruption to your child’s education. However, we appreciate that this is not always possible. Please write a note in your child’s planner detailing the appointment time so that whoever is teaching your child can be made aware.

Parents should report to the main reception where your child will sign out prior to leaving the site.  On returning to school, children must report back into the school reception and be signed in.

Absence during term-time

Family holidays taken in term time cannot be authorised by our Head Teacher, however any other type of absence will be considered on a case by case basis. A ‘Request for Term Time Absence’ should be completed. These are available from the school office and should be returned to the Head Teacher. 

What equipment should your child bring to school?

Please encourage your child to come prepared for every lesson with their basic equipment.

We operate a bagless policy in school, which means pupils will deposit their bags into their lockers and will just take out what they need for each lesson. This stops the exits and walkways getting blocked with bags, helps to eliminate accidents and ensures that pupils do not lose their possessions during the day.

We ask that the bags are a sensible size and they are not so big that they have to be forced into lockers, damaging the locks. We recommend that pupils use draw string bags, that are individually named, rather than large rigid bags. Personalised bags are available to order from Goyals, one of our uniform suppliers.

  • Pupil Planner - During the first week all pupils are issued with a Pupil Planner. This handbook contains information about school routines, a map, a copy of their timetable and their homework schedule. There is a wealth of useful information in it to which you can refer. Lates, behaviour issues and house points are also recorded, as well as notices from teachers.
  • 2 pens – blue (Handwriting pens can be purchased via the school office at £1)
  • Pencil
  • Coloured pencils
  • Rubber
  • 30 or 15 cm ruler
  • Pencil sharpener                                           
  • PE kit.  (See uniform list)

When & what to eat & drink during the school day

During break time we encourage our children to bring a healthy snack and to drink plenty of water to sustain them throughout the morning.  We recommend fruit, a cereal bar or another healthy option. The children are able to use the hall at break time to eat their snacks. We do respectfully ask that all snacks and packed lunches are NUT FREE as we do have many children in school who are severely allergic to nuts. As a healthy school the children are not allowed to bring canned, fizzy or sugary drinks, sweets, chocolate or chewing gum onto the school site.

At lunchtime the school catering contractor (Caterlink) provides a selection of healthy hot and cold meals at £2.30. These are served in the School Hall. Packed lunches are also eaten in the School Hall. Water dispensers are provided throughout the school therefore it is useful if your child bring a refillable bottle with them.

If you think you may be entitled to free school meals, please ask the office for details or apply directly via the website

If your child forgets to bring their packed lunch or lunch money they should report to the school office at lunchtime with their Pupil Planner and they will be allowed to borrow enough money for the fixed price meal. Loaned money should be returned the next day.


Pupils are required to record all homework that is set within their school planner. We would ask that their school planner is signed by a parent/carer once a week to show that you have read any messages from staff members and that you are aware of their homework tasks.

In general we anticipate around 5 hours of homework per week in KS2, and considerably more in KS3. This will increase when P2i projects are undertaken.

P2i is part of our home learning scheme. It encourages pupils to work more independently and take greater responsibility for their own success. Our pupils are encouraged to present their work in a variety of media they enjoy working in, including; cooking, painting, music, models, poetry, video & computer applications….in fact any form in which they feel they can excel.

Clubs and activities

The school offers a wide range of lunchtime and after school clubs and activities. These will be published in a separate newsletter at the beginning of each term.  Please try to encourage your child to get involved, to make new friends and enrich their school experience.

Keeping personal possessions safe.

Your child will need to rent a locker for the duration of their time at Trevelyan. A locker request form is enclosed. Please bear in mind that school bags and PE bags should be small enough to fit into their locker. Locker dimensions are apprximately 30cm width, 53cm height, & 38cm depth.

All personal belongings should be stored in a locker.  However pupils should never bring valuable items into school. The school takes no responsibility for the loss of valuable or personal items. Property is generally safe in school but it is helpful to remove temptation.

Mobile telephones

If it is necessary for your child to bring a mobile phone into school, it will be the sole responsibility of the pupil and must not be seen or used during the day. If your child is seen using a mobile phone during the school day it will be confiscated. A parent/carer will then be asked to come into school to collect the mobile phone from our School Office.

Lost property

If a child loses an item they should:

  1. Check their classroom, locker area and all classrooms they have been in that day.
  2. Ask other members of their form.
  3. Tell their form tutor.
  4. Enquire at the School Office.

It is vitally important that all uniform and sports kit items are clearly named. This is the only way we can ensure lost items find their way back to the rightful owner!

We do not have the space to store all the lost items in school so all un-named, unclaimed items will be donated to charity at the end of every half term. So PLEASE, PLEASE ensure all items of kits clothing and footwear are named!

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