English Year 5

In Year 5, children are inspired by a range of different texts which develop both their reading and writing skills. In narrative forms, for example, we investigate myths and legends as well as looking at stories from other cultures. A range of non-fiction forms are developed in writing including reports and recounts, instructional writing, persuasive letters and leaflets. Every year the children have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a whole class novel which is used as a springboard for various writing skills in addition to developing reading comprehension. Reading is taught through dedicated guided reading sessions which are run in small groups, giving every child the chance to discuss the texts they read and share ideas. The teaching of grammar and spelling is realised through both discreet lessons and as an integrated element when reading or writing is the focus. Opportunities to develop confidence in speaking and aptitude in listening run as a thread throughout our teaching.

English Year 6

The learning in Year 6 builds on the skills and knowledge developed in Year 5 across all areas of English. Children build up a portfolio of a range of writing in preparation for SATs which includes biographical and autobiographical writing, persuasive letters, balanced arguments and newspaper reports. In narrative forms children look at techniques such as flashback and how to extend and develop existing stories. As in Year 5, reading skills are taught through dedicated guided reading sessions as well as exam preparation for the SATs paper. Grammar and spelling are also taught alongside the reading and writing genre focus along with discreet lessons being delivered. Another commonality with the Year 5 curriculum is the teaching of speaking and listening which again runs as a thread throughout the children’s learning.