Extra-Curricular Activity

Summer Term 2018 -  16th April to 28th May 2018

Please find the list of activities available to pupils, this term.

Pupils should sign-up with the staff contact if interested in joining a club and ask for a parent permission form, unless it takes place at lunchtime. Some clubs have limited numbers, so there may be a waiting list.

Sporting activities may be cancelled if there are fixtures scheduled, but pupils will be given notice if this is the case.


Day  Club Time Staff Contact
Monday Y5/6/7/8 Boys Choir 12.30-13.00 Mrs Ellis
Monday Y5,6,7 & 8 Tennis 15.30-16.30  Mrs Allen
Monday Yr 7 & 8 Cricket  15.30-16.30 Mr Brazier
Monday Y5 & 6 Weaving Club 15.15-16.30 Mrs Nottingham
Monday Y6 Woodwork Project 15.30-16.30 Mr Tymon
Thursday Production Rehearsals * 15.15-16.30 * Miss Ellis
Tuesday  Y5 Athlectics 15.30-16.30  Mr Brazier
Tuesday  Y7/8 Girls Rounders 15.30-16.30  Mrs Allen
Tuesday  Y8 Yearbook Club (Invite) 15.30-16.15 Mrs Southard
Tuesday  Y5 Woodwork Project  15.30-16.30  Mr Tymon
Thursday Production Rehearsals * 15.15-16.30 * Miss Ellis
Wednesday  Y5/6 Computing club 12.30-13.00 Mrs Southard
Wednesday  Y5/6 Cricket (boys) 15.30-16.30 Coach
Wednesday  Y5/6 Rounders (girls) 15.30-16.30 Coach
Thursday  Y5/6 Origami Club 12.20-12.45 Mr Fletcher
Thursday  Choir (all years) 12.30-13.00 Miss Mowat
Thursday  Y7 & 8 Manga Art Club 15.15-16.30 Mrs Nottingham
Thursday Y6 Athlectics  15.30-16.30 Coach 
Thursday Y7/8 Athlectics  15.30-16.30 Mr Brazier
Thursday Y5 Tennis 15.30-16.30 Coach & Mrs Allen
Thursday Y5/6/7/8 Eco Club 15.15-16.15  Mr Hooper
Thursday Production Rehearsals * 15.15-16.30 * Miss Ellis
  * full cast will not be needed everyday and timings may alter.
   Please check the production schedule.  















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