Extra-Curricular Activity

Autumn Term 2018 -  

Pupils should sign-up with the staff contact if interested in joining a club and ask for a parent permission form, unless it takes place at lunchtime. Some clubs have limited numbers, so there may be a waiting list.

Sporting activities may be cancelled if there are fixtures scheduled, but pupils will be given notice if this is the case.


Day  Club Time Staff Contact
Monday Drama Club  12.30-13.00 Mrs Van Ot
Monday Y5 Netball Club 15.30-16.30  Mrs Allen
Monday Y7 & 8 Ultimate frisbee 15.30-16.30 Mrs Allen
Monday DT Club Mixed Year Groups 15.30-16.15 Mr Tymon
Monday Art Club Mixed Year Groups 15.30-16.30 Mrs Paton
Monday Homework Club 15.15-16.30  Mrs Seeburg
Tuesday  Boys Choir - all years 12.30-13.00 Mr Creasey
Tuesday  Y7/8 Football 15.30-16.30  Mr Brazier
Tuesday  Y7/8 Netball 15.30-16.30  Mrs Allen
Tuesday  Y7/8 Drama Club 15.30-16.30 Mrs Van Ot
Tuesday  DT Club Mixed Year Groups 15.20-16.15 Mr Tymon
Tuesday  Journalism Club 15.20-16.15 Mrs Southard
Tuesday  Homework Club 15.15-16.30  Mrs Adams
Tuesday  Music Honours 15.30-16.30 Mr Creasey
Wednesday  Computing  Drop-in session 12.30-13.00 Mrs Southard
Wednesday  Y7/8 Basketball  (boys & girls) 15.30-16.30 Coach
Wednesday  Y5/6 Football  (girls) 15.30-16.30 Coach
Wednesday  Homework Club 15.15-16.30  Mr Chambers
Thursday Ukelele Clubs  12.30-13.00 Mr Creasey
Thursday  Y6 Football (boys) 15.15-16.30 Coach
Thursday  Y5 Football (boys) 15.15-16.30 Coach
Thursday Y5/6/7/8 Eco Club 15.15-16.15  Mr Hooper
Thursday DT Club Mixed Year Groups 15.20-16.15 Mr Tymon
Thursday Homework Club 15.15-16.30  Mrs Adams

















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