Extra-Curricular Activity

Winter Term 2017 - Term 3 - 9th January to 10th February

Please find below the list of activities available to pupils after the Christmas holiday.

Pupils should sign-up with the staff contact if interested in joining a club and ask for a parent permission form, unless it takes place at lunchtime. Some clubs have limited numbers, so there may be a waiting list.

Sporting activities may be cancelled if there are fixtures scheduled, but pupils will be given notice if this is the case.

Day  Club Time Staff Contact
Monday Pewter Casting Club 12.20-13.00 Mrs Owen
Monday Boys Choir 12.40-13.05 Miss Ellis 
Monday Y6 Ultimate Frisbee 15.30-16.30  Year 11 Leaders WBS
Monday Y5-8 Show Choir  15.30-16.30 Miss Ellis 
Monday Humanities Club  15.30-16.30 Me Hooper & Mr Redman
Tuesday  Y5/6 Science Club 12.20-13.05 Mrs Wooders - Lab 1
Tuesday  Y5 Golf * 15.15-16.30  Coach 
Tuesday  Y6/7  Girls Rugby 15.15-16.30  WRC Coach
Tuesday  Homework Club 15.15-16.30  Miss Ciborowska
Wednesday  Girls' Choir 12.20-13.05 Miss Ellis
Wednesday  Ukelele Club  12.20-13.05 Miss Saunders
Wednesday  Y7/8 Rowing 15.15-16.30  Coach
Wednesday  Homework Club 15.15-16.30  Mrs Shroff
Thursday  Y5-8 Choir (any) 12.20-13.05 Miss Moyat
Thursday  Y5-8 Computing 12.20-13.05 Mr Jerrold
Thursday Y5/6 Badminton 15.15-16.30  Miss Dixon
Thursday Homework Club 15.15-16.30  Mrs Amphlett
Thursday Y7/8 Science Club 15.15-16.30  Mr Jolungbo - Lab 2
Friday Ukelele Club 12.20-13.05 Miss Saunders
Friday Y7/8 Net Games 15.15-16.30  Mr Brazier



























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