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P2i Schedule

Year 7 Music P2i

Over the course of the year there will be various projects to do in addition to homework.

These are projects to promote independence. However, we do have parents asking whether they can help/support in anyway – of course you can! These projects are supposed to be fun and ideally allow the pupil to present their work in a way they feel confident doing. We have had cakes made; oral presentations; models – you name it! Parental involvement to expand learning, or to support learning, is most welcome. We would however ask that it is the child’s idea and it is their work that they hand in at the end. I am sure you understand that this is important as they are assessed for these projects.

For our parents of Years 6, 7 and 8 I wanted to remind you about what is expected, and for our new parents, welcome you to the P2i project. Every pupil will have 12 projects to complete over their 4 year career at Trevelyan – one for each subject they learn at school. On average it works out to be 3 a year. Every child will have a 3 week window to complete their project at home and during this time, no homework for that subject should be set – apart from In English and Maths where they will still be expected to learn their spellings, timetables etc.

These projects are really important and give the pupils an opportunity to be creative and show their skills in a different way than the traditional curriculum learning – it always amazes us the quality and presentation of some of the work undertaken. They are also thoroughly marked; a child is rewarded for the effort they have put into their project alongside the attainment. Each project will come with a success criteria, so you and your child are informed about what they need to do to become successful, and this is used to measure their attainment.

The children must meet the deadline given to them, which is always a 3 weeks window from being launched, and a teacher aims to mark these projects also within 3 weeks of the deadline. The pupils will then attend an assembly where the year group will be told the winners. There are usually ten prizes – a first, second and third prize will be a gift of some kind alongside a certificate and house points and seven runners up also receiving certificates. I always endeavour to put the winners in the newsletter as well so you can keep up to date with the projects.




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