Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium and the Service Premium at Trevelyan Middle School
The Pupil Premium and the Service Premium were introduced by the government in 2011. 
The Pupil Premium is a fund attached to disadvantaged pupils. It is designed to help these pupils improve their progress and achieve their full potential. The fund is attached to pupils are currently in receipt of Free School Meals, but also to any child who has ever received Free School Meals over the last six years. Funding is also allocated to looked-after or previously looked-after children; this includes those pupils who have left local authority care through adoption; a special guardianship order; or a child arrangements order.
The Service Premium is allocated to pupils with a parent serving in the HM forces or where there is a parent who has retired on a pension with the Ministry of Defence.
At Trevelyan, we take our responsibility to spend the Pupil and Service Premium funding effectively very seriously. As recommended by the Department of Education, our approach is heavily informed by the Education Endowment Foundation's (EEF) pupil premium guide. This guide recommends that spending should be divided into three key areas:
  • Teaching - through investment in providing educational staff with the right training and support to continuously improve teaching practice.
  • Targeted academic support - evidence-based interventions to target specific skill or knowledge gaps pupils may have.
  • Wider strategies - addressing the non-academic barriers that could affect a child's ability to achieve their full potential. 
Our approach to Pupil and Service Premium spending is guided by several underlying principles. Firstly, we take a long-term approach rather than merely seeking short term fixes, ensuring we are setting pupils up to succeed now but also into their futures. Secondly, we respond to the individual needs of our pupils; those in receipt of the funding will always be a diverse group with vastly varying needs and ability levels. Thirdly, we always act strategically; this means ensuring are spending actions are data-led and that any interventions we implement are evidence-based. 
Finally, we are committed to working in partnership with others; this involves working closely with parents, but also other external organisations. Most recently, we completed a three-year partnership with the charity Achievement for All, for which we were awarded their quality mark for innovative approach we took to their programme focused on improvement outcomes for disadvantaged pupils.
Our Pupil Premium key reports can be found below: