Mission, Values and Vision

Pioneer Educational Trust - Vision & Values

Our Enriching Mission

We empower successful lifelong learners who are motivated and inspired by their enriching curriculum. We do this by igniting curiosity, inspiring challenge and developing resilience to nurture kind, socially responsible, forward-thinking learners with ever expanding horizons.

Our Enriching Characteristics

At Trevelyan Middle School, we demonstrate our Enriching characteristics by creating a culture of Encouraging, Nurturing, Respectful, Inspiring, Creative and Happy pupils.

Our pupils develop and cultivate these personal Enriching characteristics through our Enriching values-based curriculum and education. Our Enriching characteristics and values contribute to a safe, happy and inclusive school that prepares pupils to be lifelong learners and responsible citizens for the future.

Our Enriching Values and Vision

Enriching Values



Social Responsibility


Enriching Vision

We provide a rich, progressive and innovative curriculum that is hinged upon real world links and is responsive to our ever evolving world.

We ignite pupils’ curiosity, instilling a passion and motivation for lifelong learning, ‘inspiring learning; enriching lives’.

We create meaningful and inclusive environments that celebrate diversity in all its forms and nurture our learners to be outward thinking citizens.

We ensure all pupils reach their full potential, developing resilience through challenge and independence, creating confident learners.


We believe in these values and see them and what we do as the recipe in preparing pupils to be the responsible citizens and lifelong learners for the future.

In a rapidly-changing world we are privileged to educate your child, however we believe that all parents should know our expectations.

We believe in three school rules, these are; 

  • Ready
  • Respectful
  • Safe

Ready, Respectful, Safe

Our Behaviour Blueprint

In addition to this;

  • We respect every individual
  • We support every individual
  • There are “no excuses” for poor behaviour or attitude
  • Every child has the right to learn
  • Every child is expected to aim high and give of his or her best



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