Aims, Vision & Values

Pioneer Educational Trust - Vision & Values


Inspire and I will follow, make learning creative and I will enjoy, encourage and I will succeed, respect others and the things around me and I will be happy, nurture and the future is bright.


Trevelyan is a safe, happy inclusive school based around our key values of ENRICH:Encouraging, Nurturing, Respectful, Inspiring, Creative, Happy.

We believe in these values and see them and what we do as the recipe in preparing pupils to be the responsible citizens and lifelong learners for the future.

In a rapidly-changing world we are privileged to educate your child, however we believe that all parents should know our expectations:

  • We respect every individual
  • We support every individual
  • There are “no excuses” for poor behaviour or attitude
  • Every child has the right to learn
  • Every child is expected to aim high and give of his or her best



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