A Welcome Message

Dear Parents and Carers,

On behalf of Pioneer Educational Trust, governors and staff, I would like to welcome you and your child to Trevelyan Middle School. My priority as Head of School is to ensure Trevelyan Middle School continues to aim to become an outstanding school where every child can achieve their full potential in their academic, creative, personal, physical and moral development. My main aim will be to focus on enabling all children to learn and make progress experiencing the highest quality teaching and learning within a happy, safe and secure environment. Our values (ENRICH) are paramount to my vision: Encouraging, Nurturing, Respect, Inspiring, Creative and Happy – the ingredients of OUR school; the school I feel so passionate about.

Trevelyan is a very successful school and we are very proud of the achievements of all our pupils and staff. We believe in building excellent relationships with all our stakeholders and are always committed to high standards. Rest assured I will work tirelessly with the wonderful staff and pupils, and the proficient, experienced support of Pioneer Educational Trust to ensure the school continues to flourish despite the many challenges ahead, not least the Government’s endless changes to what is expected of schools. It is imperative we work together to make OUR school serve the needs of OUR community and OUR young people and I hope that as many of you will get involved in the life of the school as possible. Only by working together can we make sure your sons and daughters enjoy school and develop the necessary skills and knowledge they need to build successful, happy lives.  

Whether you are visiting Trevelyan for the first time or returning, I trust you will see that we have built on an established culture of aiming very high, and always going the extra mile. Whilst we are very proud of some excellent and outstanding practice, we know that reports and results are only part of the story. We use inspection and monitoring reports to plan ahead and focus on what we need to improve: we are committed to honestly and proactively addressing any development areas and therefore driving the school onto bigger and better things. Trevelyan enjoys some excellent facilities (that are currently expanding and improving) in well maintained grounds but people and ethos make a school, not buildings! In a rapidly-changing world we are privileged to educate your child, however we believe that all parents should know our expectations:

  • We respect every individual
  • We support every individual
  • There are “no excuses” for poor behaviour or attitude
  • Every child has the right to learn
  • Every child is expected to aim high and give of his or her best

On joining Trevelyan Middle School, your child will be “signing up” to clear rules and ambitious aims. In return, you and your child can expect our determination, professionalism, expertise and imagination. I believe that a major part of your child’s success relies upon our partnership with you, so we strongly encourage parents to be part of this journey. If this sounds like what you and your child are looking for, we really look forward to working closely with you.





Mrs N Chandler
Head of School