Homework Challenge Tasks

English Homework

ENGLISH HOMEWORK: Years 5, 7 and 8

Below you can open documents containing your child's weekly written English homework. These tasks will be set by the teacher once a week on the following days. Pupils must take their books home on that day and bring books back for the following lesson. While we appreciate that this only gives pupils one day to complete their homework, we hope that the regular weekly timing will help pupils’ plan to complete their homework effectively. In addition, we do stress that pupils should only spend the recommended time on their homework: 30 minutes at KS2 and 45 minutes at KS3.

Written ‘Books Home’ Days:

  • Year 8 – Monday
  • Year 7 – Thursday
  • Year 5 – Tuesday

In addition to this written task, pupils will also be reminded to learn their weekly spellings on the Monday for  test each Friday. These spellings can be found within pupils’ planners and were formerly tested within tutor time.

If in any doubt, do not hesitate to contact myself or your child's English teacher.

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With the SATs now completely, we are turning our attention to continuing to build pupils' writing skills. This is in the run-up for our final externally validated data submission for all Year 6 pupils, which we obviously want to be as positive as possible for each and every child. 

To support pupils with their writing, we are asking them to undertake a range of pre-writing tasks at home. These involve making notes, collecting ideas, drafting phrases and doing bits of research; this work will then be applied during lessons to create pieces of writing that are relevant, purposely and with each child's unique stamp on them.

Please see the tasks, together with the dates set and due, below:


Please find attached 


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